Fluidix Gauge Isolator Image  

With the sale of Fluidix’s Ultrapure Water Heating Equipment business to ICD Heateflex in 2002, Fluidix Manufacturing retained one product, its Flow-Thru Gauge Isolators. Developed to handle hot UPW in Fluidix heating equipment, the gauge isolators were adopted for use on equipment manufactured by several OEM’s and have been sold as an OEM product since 1992.

Available in sizes 20 mm through 63 mm (1/2� - 2�), this true-union gauge isolator has no wetted elastomers and uses a �double-pipe� design to completely eliminate the dead volume associated with traditional gauge isolators. The process liquid flows through a cylindrical Teflon membrane comprising the �inner pipe�, with the gauge fluid residing in the annular space between the Teflon membrane and the PVDF body. Its flow-thru design, matching standard pipe interiors, provides essentially "zero" pressure drop.

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