Gauge Isolators

Available in sizes 20 mm through 63 mm (1/2” - 2”), this true-union gauge isolator has no wetted elastomers and uses a “double-pipe” design to completely eliminate the dead volume associated with traditional gauge isolators. The process liquid flows through a cylindrical Teflon membrane comprising the “inner pipe”, with the gauge fluid residing in the annular space between the Teflon membrane and the PVDF body. Its flow-thru design, matching standard pipe interiors, provides essentially "zero" pressure drop.

The Industry's Only Flow-Thru Gauge Isolator with All Fluoropolymer Wetted Surfaces

With the Sygef® PVDF end-connectors, it is an all-fluoro environment with no wetted elastomers, making it the only one of its kind. It is the ideal choice for every inlet to every tool using UPW. "Is it getting DI pressure?" are the first words spoken when troubleshooting process equipment.

In the natural polypropylene version, it becomes the ideal choice for slurry processes. The streamline flow-thru design has no side arm or other restrictions to impede flow.

'Excellent choice for quartz cleaning equipment and chemical dispense systems. PVDF and Teflon® fluoropolymer exhibit excellent temperature capabilities and excel in harsh chemical environments. End connectors in a wide range of piping materials and connection types are available on a non-stocked basis.

Put different end-connectors on either end and the gauge isolator becomes the quickest transition from one piping system to another, i.e. connecting a PFA wet bench to a PVDF pipng system. Put in a 1/4" pipe plug in the gauge port if you don't need a pressure reading.

Fluidix GI Diagram